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18K Moissanite Diamond Pendant Necklace GRA Certified VVS 925 Sterling

18K Moissanite Diamond Pendant Necklace GRA Certified VVS 925 Sterling

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Our 18K Moissanite Diamond Pendant Necklace GRA certified VVS 925 Sterling is crafted with 8-layer Rhodium plating, a special nanotechnology coating, and 18K Rhodium Plating, making it ideal to enjoy for all occasions - from everyday wear to special events or trips.

Exceptionally affordable and easy to replace, this luxurious necklace's remarkable durability surpasses 99% of all 925 silver jewelry, ensuring its elegance and strength won't be compromised. Flaunt this top-quality Moissanite piece for years to come and marvel at its radiance.

GRA certified stones guarantee genuine and premium-grade gems that radiate luxury. The traditional stud design is stunningly presented in 925 sterling silver, ideal for all events or dresses. Worry not if silver isn't your favorite, since these studs come in regal white gold hues to complement your fashion preferences. Enhance your jewelry box's value and sophistication with these ageless accessories now!


Moissanite, referred to as a diamond simulant, is engineered to give the illusion of similarity to diamonds, but is compositionally and visually quite different from a real diamond. The durability, brilliance, and color of the two gems are quite distinct. One common property of both diamonds and Moissanite is that they are both very good thermal conductors.

Product Details

  • Chain Size: 0.85mm box chain, 45cm+5cm extend chain
  • Chain Type: VVS 925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Size: 1.2 cm X 0.65 cm
  • Main Stone : Moissanite Diamond (come with certificate)
  • Stone type : Lab Grown
  • Stone Shape : Round Brilliant
  • Stone Size : 6.5 mm / 8mm
  • Weight: 1 carat / 2 carat
  • Stone Cut : Excellent
  • Color : D E F
  • Clarity : VVS
  • Plating: 18K Rhodium Plated
  • Finish: High Polished
  • Nickel Free Lead Free
18K Moissanite Diamond Pendant Necklace GRA Certified VVS 925 Sterling


  • 1 x Moissanite Pendant Necklace + Chain VVS 925
  • 1 x GRA certificate with warranty card
  • 1 x Pendant Necklace Box

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  • United States: 3-7 days
  • Canada: 3-7 days 
  • All Other Countries: 7-11 days 

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